Our three-step process is made to save your time and efforts.

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Complete our online form

We have removed all the complications from your business formation. Our simple online form is made as per your convenience. It can be filled in less than 10 minutes.

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We file the documentation

We help you incorporate your business by preparing the relevant documents and paperwork and filing it directly with the Secretary of State, relieving you from all the costly errors.

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Receive your approved documents

As soon as your incorporation documents get approved by the Secretary of the State, you will get your complete Corporate Kit approved documents via e-mail and post.

Corporate Kit

Corporate kits usually include important details such as the organization’s history, structure, and company policies. They can also contain information specific to the organization, including a corporate seal, number of certificates, bylaws, stock records and meeting minutes.

A corporate kit is an utmost requirement in case the corporation is audited or sold. Companies may choose to create their own corporate kit, but most prefer to buy one at the time of incorporation.

Here at FastIncNow, our corporate kits are specifically designed to ensure productivity, orderliness, and professionalism.

Benefits of Corporate Kit


Ordered and organized record keeping

Order and structure are two features that are indispensable for businesses, be it routine activities or maintenance of business records. Maintaining records in a well-ordered manner add professionalism and save your formal business documents. Our corporate kits are specifically designed to ensure a perfect blend of convenience and quality. Think different. Choose FastIncNow.

Legally required in some cases:

Proper business records not only foster professionalism but are also legally mandated in some cases. At events when courts pierce the corporation’s “corporate veil”, properly kept records can help in establishing a distinction between the members and the organization itself.

Defines ownership and management

A corporate kit allows businesses to ensure an orderly and systematic maintenance of crucial business documents such as corporate minutes, bylaws, operating and shareholders agreements, share certificates, stubs, and transfers.At FastIncNow, we perceive your business documents as your company’s insignia and provide the durable, cost-effective and compact range of corporate/LLC kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customized corporate kit?

Corporate kits are packs containing stationary and a corporate seal customized especially according to the name and logo of your company. Although you can purchase a seal/embosser individually, it is always advised to stay stocked up with all these in decent proportions. A kit contains:

  • Customized binders embossed with company seal with matching slipcase.
  • S-Election forms
  • Custom Seal/Embosser
  • Custom Stock Certificates
  • By Laws/Operating Agreement
What is a corporate seal/embosser?

Seals are customized embossing stamps containing important information about your company. These usually include the name, date of commencement and the state of incorporation of your business. These create an embossed seal like effect on your official paper documents.These are usually used to mark your documents as ‘official’.

Is it mandatory for a business to use corporate supplies?

No, however it is always advised that business owners make the use of documents and binders that contain an embossed official logo of the company. Customised stationary makes a company look authentic and official.

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