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Complete our Online Form

Fill the form with the details of your business, your legal business name and the name you want to choose. This is a simple online form created as per your convenience and need. We retain the secrecy and privacy of your particulars.

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We File the Paperwork

We would prepare your DBA application as per the legal process and make sure that the necessary form is filled correctly. We would file your DBA statement in the appropriate office and if required publish your DBA at no additional cost.

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Finalize the Registration Process

We would ensure that your registration process is finalized and you are now ready for filing your DAB for the trademark to get protection with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

What is DBA?

When a company operates under a different name than the one it was registered with, it is said to be “doing business as”. If you’re starting a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you have the option of choosing a business name or dba (“doing business as”) for your venture. In case you choose the latter, you are legally required to register your business’s fictitious name with the registrar of state.

After you have successfully filed for a DBA, your business would be able to use the secondary name to open bank accounts, write checks, and enter financial contracts with third parties. Be forewarned, though, that starting your business using a different name, without filing for a DBA could result in heavy penalties, fines and even lawsuits.

DBA allows many small/large LLCs and Corporations to use multiple names for their marketing, branding and performing diverse business functions under the single umbrella of your entity. FastIncNow can get your DBA quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of DBA?


Multiple business ventures under the same name

Any business that operates under any name different from the owner’s personal name or the one it was filed with the state is legally required to file for a “Doing Business As” statement. A pre-existing LLC or corporation can file multiple DBAs for various ventures that are to be conducted under the primary business.

Necessary for opening a bank account

A sole proprietorship firm, where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business, filing a DBA is necessary for opening a business’ bank account and start making business transactions in its own name.

Brand recognition:

A DBA gives authenticity and credibility to the business operation, because creditors, customers and suppliers usually consider your decision to incorporate it as a commitment in the long term. When your business uses a single name in all business transactions, it invokes a sense of trust and credibility from the business’ stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does a DBA offer?

Some of the major advantages of a DBA are- Improved company visibility, trustworthiness, and aids in company’s branding activities Allows companies to operate several businesses as just a single legal entity.

What is the usual expiry date for DBAs?

Usually, DBAs expire within 10 years after being issued. But the good part is that usually business owners are given an expiration notice before the DBA actually expires.

What’s the maximum number of DBAs any business can have?

As long as a business does not breach any guidelines or regulations, there is no such upper limit on the number of DBAs gathered in total.

What is a value of DBA?

• DBA helps you in preventing the potential pitfalls and name confusion
• Improve company’s visibility and trustworthiness
• Open a business bank account
• Allows companies to operate several businesses as a single legal entity.

How To File Your DBA or FBN Online?

The first you also need to check, if the name you have opted is available or not.If the name is available, you would be able to file rest of the paperwork. Follow our three steps and the whole process would be finalized for you.

How much is a fee for filing FBN or DBA online?

The fee ranges between 10 to 100 dollars. However, you might need to post a statement of intent for using a fictitious name in a local newspaper, but before that, you need to get it verified with your county clerk before running an ad After it’s published, you need to submit it as a proof of the statement ad.

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