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We have removed all the complications from your business formation. Our simple online form is made as per your convenience. It can be filled in less than 10 minutes.

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We help you incorporate your business by preparing the relevant documents and paperwork and filing it directly with the Secretary of State, relieving you from all the costly errors.

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As soon as your incorporation documents get approved by the Secretary of the State, you will get your complete LLC & Corporation Amendments documents via e-mail and post.

LLC & Corporation amendments

With FastIncNow, amendments in provisions contained in your LLC or corporation’s Articles of Incorporation is as simple as it gets. The reasons for these amendments can be diverse, ranging from a change in the company name to changing the business’ purpose of incorporation. But by choosing FastIncNow, you would be making a suitable investment for your time and money.

When LLCs and corporations wish to change the articles of their company like their company name, contact details or stock information, they can do so by filing an amendment document with an appropriate agency. Depending upon the state, this document has other names such as “Article of Amendment”, “Certificate of Change” or “Certificate of Amendment”.

Compliance with legal regulations

The primary purpose of filing an amendment is to protect the legal rights of the owner and his business. Information displayed in the articles of organization count as public record, hence it is absolutely essential to ensure that all information included in it is factually correct. This includes the company name, owner details and other important factors. In case of a lawsuit or financial disputes, the information originally included in the Articles of Organization would be final and binding. This further highlights the need for keeping company information up to date by filing periodic amendments.

Quick, safe delivery of your amendment forms

Amendment forms are either mailed to the Secretary of state or delivered to their office. However, by enlisting the help of a document filing specialist like FastIncNow, you can be assured of affordable, swift and completely legit amendment filings for your LLC or corporation.

Business information needed to file an Articles of Amendment

To file for Articles of Amendment for your LLC or corporation, you need to provide your current organization’s name, the desired business name, the text of the new amendments you intend to adopt and the date on which each of these amendments was adopted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are articles of amendment submitted?

These articles can be either mailed to the secretary of state or given to its office in person. Additionally, some US states also give the option of submitting these forms online.

What are the costs associated with filing of these Articles of Amendment?

The legal fee to submit an article of amendment is different in every state and differs as per the entity type. Consult with an accountant or visit the state website to determine the exact costs incurred.

What type of information is included in these forms?

Some of the basic information included in an Article of Amendment includes-

Name of the business entity

  • Entity name desired
  • The complete text of the renewed amendments the LLC/corporation wishes to adopt
  • The specific date when each of these amendments is adopted
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