Privacy Policy is not a law firm.We would also like to specify that during the course of our services, our employees would in no way be acting as your attorney. Our services are in no capacity an alternative for advice by a legal attorney.

We believe that transparency in business must be the norm. We are a private enterprise and the same is clearly stated on our company website. We pride ourselves as providing our clients with outstanding services, which is exactly why thousands of clients have entrusted us with providing excellent quality business solutions to them, without undergoing the delays and inconveniences inherent in government rules and regulations. is a 100% exclusive document filing service provider. We are not affiliated with any federal, state or local agency.

 Why we impose a charge for our services? is a medium scaled organization, with approximately 25 employees and contractors in our workforce. Our team constitutes of members who are equipped with necessary experience and professional knowledge in ensuring superior quality services to our clients.

Be assured that the charges incurred by you during the course of our services are a fair compensation for the time and effort put in by our team in ensuring delivery of superior level assistance and support to our clients. Furthermore, our document filling services are completely legit and comply with federal, local and state rules and regulations.

When it comes to availing the best place to invest your time and money in assisting and filling your legal documents, FastIncnow is a name you can trust. However, you can always decide to partake in these services on your own or choosing a federal agency, but what separates FastIncNow from other service providers are factors such as tremendous experience, legal assistance and quality R&D services.

It must be clarified at this point that most business fillings do require a fee payment when done through the state government. However, our charges include both the service fee and the fee levied by various government/state agencies.

Note: The filings we primarily handle do not require fees are in lieu for Federal Tax Id’s and Seller’s Permit.

You can also choose to file for these business services on your own by visiting the IRS website, free of cost by clicking on

We are an independent and private organization, without any affiliation, nor endorsement with any government agency, such as the IRS and SSA. What we aim to achieve is complete simplicity in our business processes, thus ensuring a productive experience to our clients. Our team will be at your assistance right from day 1 and strictly follow our company policy of providing three-tier support and to ensure all filings are completed in a timely, hassle free manner.  In case, you face any form of inconvenience or issues during the entire process, we’d be happy to guide you with necessary assistance.

How to Contact us?

To get in touch with FastIncNow, visit the Contact Us section given on our website.

You can also mail us to receive direct assistance on [email protected] or call us at (877) 331-6166.

We offer 24*7 support.

But we do accept online applications even after the conclusion of our business hours.

Monday thru Friday 6AM-6PM PST. We still accept new online orders outside of our hours of operation.

Our privacy policy

A strict adherence to protect our client’s personal information allows us to ensure complete security of the information you provide us. Our web page use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) technology and is completely protected against malware attacks. Your personal information is our priority and we take all necessary measures to achieve this.

All our sales are final, unless we are responsible for making any error. In such case, you are protected under our 100% money back policy. Prospective customers should note that we offer no such refund on mere filling cancellation. On the other hand, if we commit any error in the filing process, we will either correct it or issue you a complete refund.

Our offices would remain closed on national holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. This makes it difficult for us to assure time-bound delivery of our services on these public holidays.

Additional charges

In most states, LLCs and Corporations are required to file annual reports and pay federal taxes for the maintenance of good will. Any failure in doing the same can result in heavy fines and penalties and even shutdown of the business itself.

In states such as New York and Florida, businesses are required to pay additional charges on filing for LLCs, Corporations and DBAs. It would be then, your responsibility to maintain the business after incorporation in order to ensure compliancy with federal, state and local laws. FastIncNow does not deal in payment of these charges.

FastIncNow can not be held accountable for rejections and delays that are in turn due to client’s own faults, even though we will try our best to get it approved or pay a refund to you. The onus of responsibility, thus, falls on the client themselves to consult an attorney and pay due diligence in filling out the application forms. FastIncNow is also not responsible for delays occurring due to the downtime experienced by government centers.

Note: Clients are strictly advised to not file for a Tax ID or corporate entity in case they have already done so with the same details. The delivery of our services depends upon the accuracy and factuality of the information provided by you.

We also strongly advice against submitting duplicate applications in hopes of expediting the approval process.

For EIN/Tax IDs applications, we apply on our client’s behalf, with their due permission, or as 3 party designee.

In providing you necessary information about common legal procedures, we aim for guaranteed transparency and precision.

FastIncNow is legally prohibited to engage in law related practices. We are not allowed to offer any type of advice or recommendation to our clients about legal rights, legal options or legal remedies during the course of our services.

Our website is not created to build a attorney-client relation, but is rather designed to help client in their self representation in legal issues undertaken with the help of our company’s help. Thus, clients who choose to engage with our company can have no expectations of the same. Consequently, communicatiosn between clients and FastInc are safeguarded by our own privacy policy, and not by the attorney-client privilege.

Our website is built to allow users an in-depth understanding of legal rules and procedures, and to provide the facility of automated software solutions for business owners who choose to submit their filings on their own.

Our assessment services also include a complete review of the grammar, accuracy and spelling mistakes, along with consistency of names and addresses. We will not review your answers for legal completeness or to draw conclusions and provide legal advice. As mentioned above, our services are in no way a substitute for a legal attorney.

And even though we attempt to ensure legal sufficiency and accommodating the latest legal requirements, we would like to clarify that the information provided by us is not exempt from mistakes, since legal laws change constantly, and are subject to varied interpretations in the eyes of different courts and government bodies.

Hence, in case you need specified legal advice to your complex requirements, we advice you to consult a legal attorney in your area. Visitors can also choose to obtain information about free or low cost representation through state bar associations or local legal assistance offices.

FastIncNowLLC –FastIncNow is equipped to provide a wide array of services to our clients. We apply the information provided to us either verbally, in the client’s account or in order forms for filling out the state mandated application forms. And even though, we are not a legal firm, we would still provide our clients with necessary guidance in form of opinions in relation to various subjects.

Additionally, we offer no assurance or guarantee whatsoever relating to the legal and other consequences from the application of our services. We advice our clients to pay discretion during the course of availing our services.

For EINs:

We would like to clarify to all visitors that they can fill out the SS4 form and receive their Employer Identification Number, free of cost, by applying directly at the IRS website.

Where FastIncNow can help you is to assist you in obtaining that number from the IRS and guide you through the entire process. The fees charged by us is in exchange of this service itself, along with making sincere efforts to simplify, expedite the entire process.

You should know that the IRS website is typically difficult to access for first time users and is usually ridden with errors, some of which include, duplicate SSNs, inaccurate names. Our team of experts can aid you in this and save you the trouble of going through the absoluteness and generic flow of information inherent to the IRS website.

Acting as a 3rd party designee, we assist our clients through a direct coordination with the IRS, to make the delivery of the EIN smooth, quick and simplified.

This provides our users with benefits including a sense of ease in preparing the federal forms, easy to use user interface, easy access, single page form. The IRS website is in stark contrast as to their user experience. For instance, the website itself poses navigation difficulties and offers little to none user guidance.

Plus, clients can always contact our customer care executives, at their disposal in case they face any kind of error during the application process.

Even if clients misplace their Employer Identification Number, they can be assured of receiving a duplicate ID without undergoing the painful 1 hour delay incurred while contacting the IRS.

FastIncNow along with its agents, representative and employees would like to particularly do not promote the claim of other warranty or guarantee other than the ones stated herein, neither expressed nor implied. The company and its employees can not be held accountable for damages created by the use of its services.

Furthermore, we don’t assume legal, financial or any other liability with regards to the precision, completeness and validity of the documents prepared and/or filed by the client themselves with a government, federal and state agency. This would be applicable unless FastIncNow’s services pre-clearance services have been used and documents have been approved by us.

We will also not be liable for any fee related liability with subsequent corrections, changes or revisions for documents that are not prepared or filed by FastIncNow. In other words, we will only be financially liable in relation to the amount paid directly to us.

This rule, however, would not be applicable in case of FastIncNow’s negligence or willful negligence. In either of the aforesaid cases, FastIncNow’s liability would not exceed $100. Our complete liability and Client’s remedial measures in case of damages due to FastIncNow’s misconduct, due to any cause or service, regardless of the forms of action, whether in contract or in tort would be limited to a refund of the charges associated with the performance/non-performance of direction of the client.

While receiving process on behalf of the client, FastIncNow would not be responsible for any part of the underlying claim.

FastIncNow does not hold any responsibility to any party other than the client.

In the client’s usage of FastIncNow, he/she actually indemnifies InNV against claims brought up by such parties.

Note: The client is restricted from giving any course of action or remedial measures to a third party and is further prohibited from encouraging a third party from bringing a cause of action against FastIncNow.

Note: We are also not liable for any direct, indirect, special consequential or incidental damages experienced by our clients. These damages include, business losses, business interruptions, loss of business info which may in turn be due to FastIncNow’s services, even if a prior notification of the same has been conveyed to FastIncNow.

Responsibility of the client

Our clients take up the responsibility for the charges payable for the services provided by us on your behalf or direction. These charges would, then, be accrued upon the receipt of FastIncNow’s bill.

By submitting your order along with payment, you are essentially permitting us to file the services, permits, IDs and other documents on your behalf.

Clients are requested to note that it is duty to fully accept fair and lawful use of facts and information provided and for being in compliance with any tax related effects and tax filling requirements.

The onus of responsibility falls on our clients to provide timely updates in terms of changes in names, addresses and of the members permitted to receive FastIncNow notifications, alerts and legal information. Changes such as these ones are considered effective only after they are successfully stored in the FastIncNow’s client database system.

The websites and related links to other businesses displayed on our website are mere citations and aids to help you in your business needs. This, however, does not mean that FastIncNow supports or endorses these linked websites, or is legally sanctioned to make any use of trade names, trademarks, logos, seals and copyrighted symbols represented in these links.

Note: FastIncNow is in no way responsible for losses, injuries, financial liabilities and damages incurred in the use of our website, or any website related to our site. This could be in form of mistakes and errors in content available on our webpage or any other linked site ( include site down time). Keep in mind that users are solely responsible for any losses incurred while using

Legal Disputes with financial institutions

By entering into contract with FastIncNow, clients must agree to forego their legal rights in lieu of settling a legal dispute with a banking institution. Hence, in case you start a dispute with a banking institute, which FastIncNow is successful at resolving, you permit us to make a charge of $30 to your credit card as compensation fees.





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