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Fill the online form with your basic particulars. These details are required to help us understand your business and take the process forward. All the information provided would be kept confidential and as per your convenience.

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We would Take Care of your Paperwork

We follow the corporate protocol in preparing all the necessary paperwork and ensure that your documents are delivered on time. The process involves harnessing the power of technology and people who have many years of experience and expertise in the industry.

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Receive your Approved Documents

You would get all the documents pertaining to the legal and taxes received from the state of incorporation mailed to you.

Registered Agent Service

If you run an LLC or a Corporation, every state needs your business to have a Registered Agent. A Registered Agent’s (also called Statutory Agent) primary role is to conduct all legal and tax related correspondence between the government agency and your business. A registered agent can be an individual- a business owner or a hired agent. Our registered agents will give you an extra degree of assurance, accountability and ease, to help manage your important legal documents and avoid errors.

Benefits of Registered Agent


More time on building your business

A registered agent acts as a mediator between the business and the government agency with regards to your legal and tax stipulations. Compliance with the law can prove to be tricky and prove to both labor as well as time intensive for the owner. This further accentuates the need of a registered agent to handle the legal requirements, while simultaneously allowing the owner to focus on their routine operations.

Freedom to change your business’ location

If you’re located in one state where your business is registered, you can use the services of a registered agent in a different state you decide to move to. Even if you operate in multiple states, you are entitled to use the services of a registered agent in each one of those states.

All documents in one place

Another major advantage of a registered agent service is that it provides you an online account where you can regularly monitor your notices and reports. Instead of tracking all your documents in different files manually on your own, you can track them in one place with the help of a registered agent instead.

Avoid penalties and heavy fines with our superior legal services

In case you are a new business owner, chances are that you’re not well equipped to handle the procedures and rules new business owners have to comply with. FastIncnow’s expertise in handling state and federal regulations can help you avoid state penalties and fines. This will help you maintain your company’s goodwill and reputation in the state you are operating in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Registered Agency? Why is it essential to need one?

Business people amass many important legal documents in their mail. Besides, the Court also summons and delivers documents to you in person. A Registered Agency helps you receive those quintessential documents (In many states, it is mandatory to have one) while you focus on your business. Appointing us as your RA comes with loads of benefits:

  • Steer clear of penalties –Our service can help you respond instantly in the event of a lawsuit and with non-compliance fines. This is for any of your business components, thus helping you avert losses.
  • Liberty to work freely –If you decide to function as your own RA, you have to be available to collect & file your official and legal documentation during business hours. To avoid such interruptions, we are here to execute this task for you.
  • Never miss critical deadlines –We send you email alerts; reminding you of critical filing deadlines of your annual reports, different tax payments, business licenses and its renewal.
What do we do for you?

We swear never to let you miss a thing. We go way beyond receiving and forwarding emails.

  • We create a compliance register for you and send you regular notifications regarding the filing of income tax returns and annual reports.
  • Our service maintains and preserves accurate records of your business entities and its transactions; in addition to litigation and process histories.
  • We scan, index and archive your documents so that they are always organized and available.
How will I know when it is time to renew my registered agent?

A Registered Agent Service gets an annual renewal. A  timely reminder with a subsequent set of notifications will be sent to your email and phone. You will be notified one month prior to your renewal deadline. By all means, you can renew your registered agent service anytime through the online dashboard we provide to you.

Who will be responsible for updating the registered agent information with the state?

If you appoint a third party registered agent, s(he) is responsible for updating all the information with the State. Alternatively, if you hire a registered agent service online through FastIncNow; we’ll timely update the registered agent information with the State.

What happens if I require the signature of the registered agent?

If you opt for Registered Agent Service as the one FastIncNow provides, you will get an E-Signature with documents duly uploaded and available online all the time for your disposal. Alternatively, if you need hard copies of the signatures, you’ll get them by post timely.

What is the service of process?

During the period you run your business, a time may come when your company is involved in a lawsuit. At that moment, there can be only one of the two cases:

  • If someone sues your company, you become the defendant
  • When your company is filing the lawsuit, you become the plaintiff

The ‘service of process’ is simply the initiation and delivery of lawsuit. If you are filing the lawsuit against a company, you need to notify the business you are suing. Most importantly, you have to record the date and time of delivery of the lawsuit and ascertain the deadline for the appropriate response from the third party. A Registered Agent or the Statutory Agent receives the legal documents for the lawsuit against your company. Further, he will sent those documents to the appropriate person in your company.

How do I ensure my registered agent requirement is fulfilled throughout the life of my business?

You need to renew your Registered Agent Service annually. FastIncNow provides a Registered Agent Service, which will send you timely reminders for your renewal. By all means, we’ll ensure that all your registered agent requirements are in check and fully complaint.

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