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Seller’s Permit

A seller’s permit allows owners of a business to be able to charge taxes on their various products and services. If your business is offering any product or service for sale at either wholesale or retail level, such as automobiles, personal goods and other taxable services, you would need to apply for a seller’s permit or wholesales license.
Although there are no specific charges made for obtaining a sellers permit, business owners may need to make security deposits for the same.
FastIncNow is your reliable partner in your business efforts, as we would get all the necessary paperwork done and legalities fulfilled at very reasonable rates. With little efforts, and limited time you could see your Sellers Permit at your email box.

Benefits of Seller’s Permit


A separate seller’s permit for every location

If you’re thinking of starting up a new business in a more economically viable location, you would need to obtain a seller’s permit first. Irregardless of whether the locations lie in the same state, you would still need to get separate seller’s permit for each and every location you intend to conduct business in.

Non transferable in nature

In most states, transfer of the seller’s permit from one business operator to another is strictly prohibited. Even if you buy a new business venture and continue to operate it under its original name, you still need a new seller’s permit before you can actually start running the business.

Legal requirement in most states

In case you intend to sell goods from a warehouse, storage facility, office or trade show, you must acquire a seller’s permit for starting sales and lease of those items at wholesale or retail cost. In short, if your business wishes to start selling vehicles, merchandise or personal property, you would need a seller’s permit first.

But obtaining a seller’s permit can be complicated and confusing for new business owners. FastIncNow can help you get a seller’s permit at the lowest prices. Contact us right now and give your business the help and support it needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your role as an owner to obtain a seller’s permit?

As a business owner, you would need to check your state’s revenue department to ascertain if you are eligible for charging sales tax in the first place or not. But the guidelines determining sales tax structure are different in every state.

Is a seller’s permit the same as sales tax license?

Yes, the terms seller’s permit and sales tax license are used interchangeably and actually refer to the same thing.

How can you apply for a seller’s permit?

To obtain your seller’s permit, there are various organizations you can register your business with. These include, your respective state’s board of equalization, sales tax commission or franchise tax board.

How to get a seller’s permit?

A majority of states allow business owners to submit their application online. Owners can visit websites such as  State Department Of Revenue and have to answer some basic questions such as-

  • Name of the business
  • Employer ID
  • The date of birth of the owner
  • Nature of the sold products and services
  • An estimate of sales tax collection
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