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As soon as your incorporation documents get approved by the Secretary of the State, you will get your complete C-Corp approved documents via e-mail and post.

What is C-Corp?

While both these entities offer limited liability to the owners and require Articles of Incorporation during formation,c corporations are subjected to double taxation, while S corporations pass though entities, thus save yourself from the burden of double taxation.

Benefits of C-Corporation

Find ample of advantages of C-corporation over the S-corporation.

Separate legal entity

Upon incorporation, a company has distinct responsibilities and liabilities, separate from its owners. This means that in case of legal disputes, the corporation can sue third parties, purchase properties and enter into contracts under its own name.

Perpetual existence

Its existence is unaffected by the death, illness, or insanity of its respective members. This means that once the corporation comes into existence, it will continue to operate until it is dissolved either by the state or by its owners.

Ease in raising funds

Since, the company can issue multiple classes of stock and has no limit on the number of shareholders, it is much easier for them to raise large amounts of funds in a relatively short period.

Fringe benefits

It has the ability to deduct fringe benefits such as health insurance, group term life insurance, health and disability insurance, employer contribution to HSAs/FSAs from their income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic requirements of a C Corporation?

The following guidelines are required to be followed to file for C Corporations:

  • A minimum limit for financial investment.
  • An issue of stocks to the earlier shareholders.
  • Regular meetings must be held among both the shareholders as well as the company’s board of directors.
  • Timely and regular maintenance of company records.
How much does it cost to form a C Corporation?

The costs associated with these types of corporations vary from one state to another, while some states also have their own individual tax regime as well.

Is there any benefit of incorporating a C Corporation in Delaware?

According to some reports, approximately 500,000 businesses have been incorporated in Delaware, because of the state’s unique and attractive corporate regulations and business friendly environment.

What are the advantages of C Corporations?

Forming a C Corporation offers a wide range of benefits such as-

  • Limited liability for the company’s directors, shareholders.
  • Perpetual existence
  • Improved brand visibility
  • Tax advantages
  • Huge potential for growth
Is the online process of S-corporation a viable option?

Yes, online is a faster, transparent and a legit way to accomplish all the necessary processes involved in the corporation process. Millions of businesses are finding this system as the most viable option. So if you also want to give it a good start, contact us now.

What are its basic requirements?

The following guidelines are required to be followed for getting into C- Corporation umbrella:

  • A minimum limit for financial investment
  • An issue of stocks to the earlier shareholders
  • Regular meetings must be held among the shareholders as well as the company’s board of directors
  • Timely and regular maintenance of company records
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