There are incredible and inspiring stories of growth and success of women-owned businesses every single day. Since 2007, the number of LLCs or businesses owned by women has increased by more than 50%. In fact, as of 2018, it has reached more than 12 million in the U.S.

It has shown remarkable inclination of women entrepreneurs taking the LLC route as the best alternative. This is primarily because this business model offers liability protection for the company as well as personal assets.

During May 2018, the Women’s Presidents’ Organization (WPO) announced the list of fastest-growing women-led LLCs, which is as follows-

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  • Pinnacle Group

Nina-Vaca - FastIncNow

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The group led by Chairman and CEO Nina Vaca is an industry-leading workforce solution firm in Dallas, TX. For more than 3 decades, they have been awarded as one of the most revered publications for businesses.

  • Orange Theory Fitness

This company is based on fitness solutions and run by Ellen Latham. It is based in Boca Raton, FL. This is the second fastest growing enterprise in the list of awardees. Orange Theory Fitness is famous because of its unique customer engagement strategies.

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Image Source- Club Solutions Magazine

Every studio here is equipped with all modern facilities and also has training experts to drive the best results right away.

  • Tribal Tech, LLC

As the Owner, President & CEO of Tribal Tech, LLC, Ms. Victoria Vasques oversees all the business units as well as corporate strategy.

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In business for more than three decades, she has been leading the education reform, overseeing all the projects.

Besides being among the fastest growing businesses, the owner has received many other awards as well, including the Native Woman Business Owner of the Year, and Enterprising Woman of the Year Award.

  • Goldfish Swim School, Franchising LLC

Goldfish Swim School has state-of-the-art aquatic facilities providing indoor swim classes for children, from 4 months and above. The company is working under the leadership of co-founder Jenny McCuiston. They are teaching more than 100,000 students per week.

Jenny McCuiston- FastIncNow

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Key Statistics

  • The average age of women being awarded was around 50 with half of them being in their 30s or 40s.
  • Approximate revenue earned was more than $8 billion.

This data clearly shows that women are now chasing their dreams of being entrepreneurs.  It’s worth mentioning that despite all the challenges that a female entrepreneur has to go through, these women still have achieved what many people just dream about.

A study conducted by Scandinavian Bank Nordea concluded that women-owned businesses outperformed with annual returns at 35% as compared to 11% for others. Various other studies have also proved that companies under the leadership of women perform better than their counterparts.

Furthermore, companies with women at higher posts such as CEOs experience the least number of layoffs as they are able to handle crisis calmly. It’s pretty clear, women are and will continue to make us proud as successful entrepreneurs.

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